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A family-owned specialty feeds manufacturer

An independent, family-owned company employing local rural Ontario people, Kenpal Farm Products Inc. has been committed to providing quality products and services to the livestock industry since 1976. Kenpal’s objective is to maximize your profitability through the use of our products and services.

We’ve built a solid reputation providing quality feeding programs and services to the Canadian livestock industry since 1983. And, we’re the industry’s first to be HACCP certified and re-certified! Our team management approach, strict quality control procedures and personal nutritional services assures that Kenpal vitamin and mineral supplements and private label brand products meet the ever-changing needs of the industry.

Kenpal sales and service personnel are trained to:

  • Evaluate livestock performance and cost, and recommend specific feeding programs and products for each operation
  • Obtain weight gain information, feed intake information and total herd feed cost summaries
  • Review feed grind, separation control, storage of ingredients and proper feed sequencing for drug withdrawal control
  • Assist with calibration of proportioner mills

Our Values

An Unparalleled Approach to Service & Reliability

Kenpal Farm Products is a full range specialty feed and vitamin/mineral premix company that provides an unparalleled level of service – with total livestock solutions. Our commitment is to provide high quality nutritional products and services beyond our customers expectations. Our team of dedicated professionals provide value-added services that meet specific needs, resulting in lower costs, higher efficiency and higher profits for our customers.

Adding Value by Responding To Market Needs

Kenpal’s customized feeding programs, using high quality products, are unique to the industry. We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer service and the close relationships we have developed. Our research and knowledge of the industry allows us to anticipate and respond in a timely and efficient manner. The flexibility of our operating structure allows customer service decisions to be made quickly. We take pride in the superior value we offer to our customers by providing total livestock solutions.

How Kenpal Becomes Part of Your Business

Our customers enjoy peace of mind knowing that their finished product is being produced with care and expertise by our skilled staff. We believe that optimum livestock performance and ultimately, profitability, is dependent on consistent, high-quality nutritional products with exceptional service.

How Can We Help?

How Can We Help?

Partner with Kenpal and watch your efficiency and profits increase!

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