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Kenpal’s Goat and Kid Feeding Program

Lactating Goats

Goat production is a growing sector in animal production.  Genetic improvement of these species has resulted in larger mature sizes, greater kid numbers, and higher milk production.  Nutrition must follow this trend of higher production animals.  Kenpal products for Dairy Goats were designed having this in mind.  They provide the animal with optimum levels of energy, protein, vitamins and minerals.

Kenpal’s programs for Dairy Goats are available as a Premix, a pelleted Protein Supplement or a pelleted Complete Ration.  According to the forages on the farm there is the option to use higher or lower protein products to better balance the diets.  The pelleted Protein Supplements and Complete Rations also are enriched with a source of by-pass vegetable fat.

firstSTART® K – Goat Milk Replacer

On intensive dairy goat production, milk is the primary objective of the farm.  The sooner the milk can go to the milk tank the better.  In these situations a good milk replacer should be fed to the young kids to give them a good start.

On intensive meat goat production raising healthy, strong kids is the main objective of the farm.  Well housed and well fed Does are normally able to produce enough milk to raise their offspring.  Nevertheless, sometimes, either because the Doe has too many kids or a health problem that does not allow her to properly feed the newborn kids, it’s important to have an alternative.  In these situations a good milk replacer should be fed to the young kids to give them a good start and also avoid excessive loss of body condition of the Doe.


Kids should be kept in a warm, dry, draft free environment.  The use of drySTART™, Kenpal’s ready-to-use drying powder, may help improve the environment.

Replacement Kid Goats

These animals are the future of the farm.  They have to grow healthy and without digestive problems that can compromise their development.  Kenpal Kid Replacement products are aimed for this objective.

This program is available as Premix, a pelleted Protein Supplement or a pelleted Complete Ration.

ISF Rumen Protein Supplement

This product is a combination of several sources of high quality protein, like fishmeal.  Research has shown that the type of fat present in fish meal may have positive effects in reproductive function.  This can increase the number of eggs produced and result in more kids per doe.  This product may be used during the last month of gestation, during the first 2 months of lactation and also during breeding time, as a way to improve the amino acid profile of the diets being fed at these critical phases.  It can be fed at 50 to 100 grams/head/day.

Feedlot Kids

There are two feeding alternatives for feedlot animals:

  1. Kids raised on the farm and kept on the farm to be finished until market.
  2. Kids that arrive to the farm from other locations.  They arrive weaned and are finished on the farm.

These animals are fed high grain diets. It’s important that the rumen stays healthy so they can have good feed efficiency and strong average daily gains.  Kenpal Kid Feedlot products are aimed for this objective.  They are also designed to avoid or minimize urinary calculi (water belly).

This program is available as Premix, a pelleted Protein Supplement or a pelleted Complete Ration.  There are 3 phases in this program: Grower, Developer and Finisher, with the objective to finish the animals with around 45-50 kg or 100 lbs live weight.

KIDS RAISED AND FINISHED ON THE FARM, follow the following feed program.

Kid Creep Feed

  • To be fed while kids are still nursing mother’s milk, or being fed milk replacer.
  • Keep feeding it for 2 weeks after weaning while mixing with the 16% CP Kid Feedlot ration.
  • Specially balanced creep feed to start kids on solid feed, while still on the milking phase.
  • Contains yeast culture and a complete package of  B Vitamins.
  • Highly palatable.

This product is available as a Premix or a pelleted Complete Ration.


KIDS THAT ARRIVE TO THE FARM FROM OTHER LOCATIONS, it’s advisable to feed them a receiving ration to adapt them to higher grain diets.  Most of these animals come from pasture so an adaptation period is important to avoid digestive problems.  Kenpal has a Receiving Program for this objective.  This product is available as a Pelleted Complete Ration.

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How Can We Help?

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