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Kenpal’s Dairy Feeding Program

Kenpal has a complete line of vitamin/mineral premixes available to meet the nutritional requirements of your dairy herd. This includes milk cow minerals with various ratios of calcium: phosphorus which will best match your home grown forages. Close up and far off dry cow minerals, a complete dairy calf feeding program and a replacement heifer program compliment our customers growing desire to accurately meet the nutrient requirements of all the animals on their farms.

Customized Premixes

As modern dairy farms grow in size, more TMR mixers are being utilized on the farm. These highly accurate mixing devices allow producers and consequently nutritional advisers to more accurately design rations by including forages with grains and protein sources, vitamins, minerals, fats and molasses blends together into a total mixed ration. Using this technology drives nutritionists to fine tune minor elements required by the cow that can have major effects on performance and reproduction. Therefore custom formulations are created to round out the accuracy desired by today’s dairy producers allowing them to maximize health and profitability in their herds.

How Can We Help?

How Can We Help?

Partner with Kenpal and watch your efficiency and profits increase!

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