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Kenpal’s Swine Feeding Program

Nutrition can play a major role in boosting the pigs’ natural immune system to help fight off disease challenges in today’s modern pig production systems. Kenpal has designed our swine feeding programs by utilizing ingredients that maximize feed intake and meet their energy and amino acids demands for growth and reproduction. Kenpal’s programs are designed to maximize our customer’s opportunities for profit by helping improve animal health, feed efficiency, increase production per sow and reduce tail end pigs in the system.

Feeding Program for Nursery Pigs

Kenpal offers a line of pig starter products beginning with the pre-starter stage and going right through to the early grower stage. These products have been designed specifically to meet the piglets nutrition needs to stimulate early feed intake and assure rapid growth at an excellent cost.

Feeding Program for Sows

Kenpal’s feeding program for sows have been designed to meet the sows mineral and vitamin needs for maximum performance, ensuring that the sow herd will produce to its fullest potential.

Kenpal sow premixes contain phytase. Research has shown that feeding phytase will improve the utilization of phosphorus in the sows diet, reduce phosphorus in manure and most importantly make the feed more tasty, thereby allowing maximum feed intake in the farrowing crates.

Feeding program for Growing, Developing & Finishing Swine

Kenpal’s feeding program for growing, developing and finishing pigs has been designed specifically to help today’s high genetic pigs grow and perform to their fullest potential therefore helping to maximize our customer’s profit.

Kenpal offers a feeding programs for the Growing, Developing and Finishing pigs that is unique to the industry.

Amino Acid with Phytase Program (AAP)

These unique vitamin/mineral premixes contain amino acids, trace minerals and vitamins required for maximum lean growth and performance. Reduced intake of Crude Protein through the use of synthetic amino acids reduces the irritating pressures on the gut, thereby potentially improving health. Another potential benefit of amino acids is nitrogen excretion by the pigs is reduced by as much as 35%, improving air quality in the barn, and net energy utilization by the pig.

When phytase is added to swine rations the pig is able to use more of the phosphorus found in the natural feedstuffs. This allows for a reduction in the amount of phosphorus required in the premix. Research has found that feeding phytase will improve the utilization of phosphorus resulting in a reduction of phosphorus excretion in the manure by up to 30% while maintaining animal performance and reducing your cost of production.

Dried Distillers Grains with Soluble (DDGS)

DDGS is an ingredient available from the Ethanol Industry that offers pigs a source of protein, highly available phosphorus, and added fat for the ration. Research has confirmed that when feeding DDGS to sows and grower/finisher pigs at recommended levels, the pigs should continue to perform at optimum levels without negative effects on performance.

Kenpal offers a specialized line of premixes for sows and grower/finisher pigs that provide optimum nutriton when fed along with DDGS.

How Can We Help?

How Can We Help?

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